Teams need fire and desire

A coach wrote about players needing fire and desire. Sounds good to me.
It’s always easy — includes me too — to have that fire and desire when things are going well. Not so much when every thing you try, which may have worked a week ago, a game ago, a match ago, goes completely wrong.
Last Friday night’s second half of football for Iola High’s Mustangs and Thursday night’s volleyball matches for Iola High’s Fillies reminded me of something my parents used to say.
“Get up and go again.”
When one of us kids fell down and it was obvious that we were alright, instead of rushing over to us they’d just say, “Get up and go again.” Mom and Dad explained it was a learning experience. When you go down, get back up and try again.
The Mustangs and Fillies took a fall, so to speak. They didn’t seem to be playing with that fire and desire — Get up and go again.
Both the Mustangs and Fillies have a tough task this weekend coming off sub-par performances.
First, the Mustangs. Not yet has the 2009 edition of Mustang football found its go button. The players are still searching for an identity as a team, just haven’t found it yet.
Playing against a bigger opponent is something Iola has to face almost every week. The Mustangs don’t have the line Coffeyville Field Kindle High’s Golden Tornado will put on the field tonight. We all know that but the Mustangs can play hard, play quick and play fundamentally sound.
What happens, happens. The Mustangs could pull out a victory on the road in Southeast Kansas League play. They could get beat.
But Mustangs don’t go down to defeat without a fight. Battle every down. Sometimes no matter what you do, the other team is better. That’s a fact. Better means more talent not more effort or more heart.
Maybe the score goes Coffeyville’s way but lessons learned move the Mustangs on to a win later in the season. Maybe the score goes Iola’s way and again lessons learned push the Mustangs to anther victory.
Put the fire and desire in your play and nothing is out of reach.
Now, the Fillies.
On senior night, the Fillies really struggled to make things click on the volleyball court Thursday. They couldn’t hold serve for strings of points and in each of the matches, had an opposing server make a run of points on Iola. Passes were going this way and that and not many power kills.
Right now, I don’t think any team fears an Iola hitter. Don’t get me wrong, the Fillies have some strong hitters but the consistency is not there. To be feared at the net, a hitter or blocker has to be consistent.
The Fillies had trouble at home Thursday. They know it and we know it.
Get up and go again, Fillies.
Iola doesn’t have time to sit back and worry. The Fillies are off to the Ottawa High Invitational tournament Saturday morning. They will see tough competition as always in the tournament.
Finding themselves as a team this season has been up and down. The Fillies, like the Mustangs, have looked like world-beaters one set or one match then fall hard. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals.
It happens to every team, every player, every runner, every writer, every photographer, every fan. Nothing ever goes right all the time.
When things do go wrong, the best place to start is with the basics. I remember how many times I had to beat egg whites before I had a batch fluffy enough to make an angel food cake from scratch as a 4-Her. I never gave up, although we had a lot of beaten egg whites in the kitchen that day. I also had a prize-winning angel food cake.
Get up and go again. A great lesson learned. Go with fire and desire and you can’t go wrong. Another great lesson.