Spring sports waterlogged

As the adage goes, “be careful what you wish for.” There was a lot talk a few weeks ago about needing rain.
Well, we got rain, sleet, snow and a good ole’ cold snap as spring rolled around. All of that moisture has played havoc with the spring sports schedules. At least during the fall, you still play football in the wet and cold and you still run cross country in the wet and cold. Only thing that really prevents outdoor sports in the fall is lightning.
Volleyball in the fall and basketball and wrestling in the winter still goes on if it’s wet and cold. Of course, winter presents its own problems with snow and ice but just wet and cold doesn’t call for postponements.
But spring sports are all outside and governed by weather conditions. Plus if this type of spring persists, scheduling and re-scheduling becomes a problem. We’ve had a couple of wet springs in a row and playing all the scheduled games has been a bit tight.
Allen County Community College is really scrambling already to find makeup dates for conference doubleheaders. Iola High School has put makeup baseball and softball games on a Saturday in May.
The wet weather has also curtailed practices for at least the softball and baseball teams. The fields are too wet to practice on.
Weather forecasts has it sunny today but possible rain Saturday and rain and snow showers for Sunday. Next week shows promise of sunny and warmer temperatures.
Let’s wish for warm, dry spring weather for awhile. Maybe we’ll get what we wish for and have a smoother going through the spring sports seasons.