Sports stem from simple things

It starts with one good pass or one good serve. It starts with one tackle, one block, one run.
Simple little things done right build into bigger and better things — wins. Coaches from the beginning of time have talked about doing the little things — fundamentals — right time in and time out.
On the volleyball court, it usually comes down to serve receive. Making a good first pass allows a team to set the volleyball and deliver with a hit. Passing is a starting point for everything else on the court.
Another starting point is serving. If a team cannot put good serves over the net, it’s tough to get on a run. Although volleyball has changed to rally-scoring which means either team can win the point on a serve, holding serve is still one of the fundamentals of the game.
Cross country deals with conditioning. If runners don’t put in the time on the practice course, it’s going to be rough on the race course. Top runners put in miles of practice runs just to prepare for competition.
Football has a lot of little things to be done to be successful. Sometimes even doing all the things right, other teams are just better.
But ... if you don’t tackle well defensively, you don’t give your team a chance to win. If you don’t block well offensively, you are not giving your team an opportunity to move the football and score — to win. Holding onto the football, winning the battles at the line of scrimmage whether you are on offense or defense, catching the football — every little thing counts.
Any team sport depends on each player doing the job they are assigned. Every player is important. Every assignment is important.
Tonight, Iola High’s Mustangs have the opportunity to prove they can work together to get the job done. Central Heights High’s Vikings are going to come into Riverside Park stadium ready for a game. They are coming off a win last week and most of the players were a part of the team last year that took the Mustangs to overtime at Central Heights.
The Mustangs got pushed around at Columbus. They have something to prove tonight. If they do the simple, little things right, the Mustangs have the opportunity to notch a win.