Rodeo ropes in big numbers in 2009

Register Sports Editor

Register/Jocelyn Sheets
Justin Williams of DeSoto tamed Lucky Strike of the Six Crowns Rodeo Company for eight seconds to win the bareback bronc competition Wednesday night and for the 2009 Allen County Fair Rodeo.
Register/Jocelyn Sheets
Although she didn’t make it into the money, Megan Penny of Drexel, Mo., kicked up dust racing the barrels Wednesday night.

It was announced Wednesday night that the 2009 Allen County Fair Rodeo had the biggest attendance of the 24-year history of the two-night event.
Well, not quite but close.
After drawing in 1,200 people Tuesday night, the rodeo’s final performance had 1,300 people in the stands Wednesday.
So for 2009, the Allen County Fair Rodeo had 2,500 spectators. That is an increase over 2008’s 1,832.
The largest crowd to watch a two-night fair rodeo in Allen County was 2,547 in 2001. The rodeo drew 2,495 people in 2006, 2,455 in 2005, 2,258 in 2004 and 1,960 in 2003.
“Skeet (Davis) told me before Tuesday’s start of the rodeo that we’d have a bigger and better one this year. And we did,” said Keith Keller, Allen County Fair Board member.
Davis is the owner of the Six Crowns Rodeo Company from Lincoln, Mo., which has produced the past two rodeos at the fair. The company was set to do the 2007 rodeo but no rodeo was held because of the flooding of Riverside Park.
“We’re really pleased with how the rodeo went this year. It ran very smoothly,” Keller said.
Allen County’s contestant count was up — 214 in 2009 from 162 in 2008. The rodeo is sanctioned by the United Rodeo Association (URA) and the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association (MRCA).
In the three rough stock events, the Six Crowns Rodeo bucking stock pretty much had its say. There were two qualified rides each in the bareback bronc and saddle bronc riding events.
Justin Williams of DeSoto came out Wednesday night to win the bareback event with a ride of 80 points. Tanner Rankin of Paola had a ride worth 73 points Tuesday night.
Wednesday night’s crowd got to see the saddle bronc winning ride. Jake McKellips of LaCygne staged a 78 point ride. Tyler West was second with a 77 point ride.
In bull riding, contestants have two rounds of competition a night. On Tuesday, Jesse Shellhammer of Fort Scott came back from a 7.9-second ride in the first go-round. He had to stay atop the bull for 8 seconds to score. In the second round, he got an 80.
Tanner Rankin did the same thing Tuesday night to score a 77 ride on his second bull. And that’s what Carson Hiatt of Rosalia did Wednesday to take third with a 76.
The only repeat event winner was Dustin Jilek of Princeton, winning the calf roping event in 9.7 seconds. Bryan Reiter of Willard, Mo., put up a 9.6-second run to win the Forty-and-Over calf roping.
Katy Hartness of Locust Grove, Okla. claimed the top money in the breakaway roping in 3.3 seconds. Natalie Overholt of Fort Scott won the barrel racing event with a run of 16.541 seconds.
Will Morris of Holden, Mo., and Derrick Peterson of Stilwell combined to win the team roping event. They made a run in 6.0 seconds.
“We had great feedback about the rodeo. People really enjoyed Dusty Myers, the rodeo clown,” said Judy Davis, Six Crowns Rodeo.
“We at Six Crowns are pleased to be a part of such a good rodeo. We thought Allen County had great crowds each night.”
Here are the complete results for the 2009 Allen County Fair Rodeo:

Bareback Bronc Riding

1.Justin Williams, DeSoto, 80 points
2. Tanner Rankin, Paola, 73

Saddle Bronc Riding

1. Jake McKellips, LaCygne, 78
2. Tyler West, Fort Scott, 77

Bull Riding

1. Jesse Shellhammer, Fort Scott, 80
2. Tanner Rankin, Paola, 77
3. Carson Hiatt, Rosalia, 76

Steer Wrestling

1. Dru Melvin, 4.4 seconds
2. Lucas Camac, Augusta, 4.5
3. Troy Callaway, Plattsburg, Mo., 4.7
4. Jake McKellips, LaCygne, 5.3

Calf Roping

1. Dustin Jilek, Princeton, 9.7
2. Scotty Shelton, Buffalo, Mo., 10.9
3. Jason Arndt, Fort Scott, 12.0
4. Will Galliher, California, Mo., 12.9

Forty-and-Over Calf Roping

1. Bryan Reiter, Williard, Mo., 9.6
2. Rodney Walker, Thayer, 10.5
3. Doug Hazelbaker, Redfield, 11.0
4. Allen Hartness, Locust Grove, Okla., 11.1

Breakaway Roping

1. Katy Hartness, Locust Grove, Okla., 3.3
2. (tie) Kelsey Loch, Republic, Mo., 3.8
Sherry Gentry, Pleasanton, 3.8
4. Jodi Nellison, Savannah, Mo., 3.9
5. (tie) Diane DeHart, Butler, Mo., 4.0
Amy Younger, Shawnee Mission, 4.0

Barrel Racing

1. Natalie Overholt, Fort Scott,16.541
2. Emily Holton, Leavenworth, 16.809
3. Laura Swain, Garnett, 16.812
4. Casey Watts, Ottawa, 16.945
5. Kelly Eaves, Lone Dale, Mo., 16.975
6. Hannah Holland, Bucyrus, 17.045

Team Roping

1. Will Morris, Holden, Mo., and Derrick Peterson, Stilwell, 6.0
2. Donnie McNeece, McLouth, and Travis Alford, Waymore, Mo., 6.4
3. John Perrett and Jimmy Allen, 6.7
4. Troy Kitchner, Liberty, Mo., and Todd Reese, Winston, Mo., 7.0
5. Clint Tatum, Topeka, and Jeff Butler, Cosby, Mo., 7.2
6. Marshal Samples, Centerview, Mo., and Sam Kueffer, Clever, Mo., 7.4