Rec Department has options for games, heat

Register Sports Editor

Iola Recreation Coordinator Luke Bycroft and his staff are not oblivous to the excessive heat and the effects of that situation.
“We’re aware of the dangers of the heat index when it reaches 105 degrees or above. And we appreciate those who have shared concern about the conditions this week and the playing of games,” Bycroft said.
Byrcroft said the Iola Recreation Department has three options to look at concerning youth softball and baseball games.
1) Postpone all games for that specific evening.
2) Move game time starts back by an hour.
3) Postpone the early games on each field and play the later ones.
“First, everyone involved needs to properly hydrate themselves. You have to drink water and other fluids throughout the day not just at game time,” Bycroft said.
“Also I recommend parents bring their kids to the ball park early and allow their body to adust to the temperature.”
Bycroft said there are water fountains at each field at Riverside Park.
Makeup games for the Iola Pixie League slated for Friday have been postponed again because one team will play twice tonight and was scheduled to play two more Friday.
Allen County is under an excessive heat warning until 7 p.m. Friday issued by the National Weather Service in Wichita.
During excessive heat warnings, prolonged exposure to hot temperatures can lead to heat illnesses, such as heat stroke. You should try to avoid strenuous work outdoors during the hottest part of the day, which is usually between noon and 5 o’clock.
Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration can occur quickly and can be unnoticed or mistaken for other illnesses. Increasing fluid intake, even if not thirsty, can reduce the risk of dehydration.