Pony wrestlers pin down wins at Indy

Register Sports Editor

INDEPENDENCE — Iola Middle School’s wrestling team competed in Monday’s Independence Middle School’s tournament.
The Ponies came out with six first-place winners, two second-place finishers and three third-place finishers in the individual brackets.
“After a rough start, the guys wrestled pretty well,” said Ron Schomaker, IMS wrestling coach. “We put some of our guys in the more advanced brackets.
“Results didn’t necessarily show it, but they wrestled really well against the top wrestlers at the tournament.”
Taking first place in their brackets were Trey Colborn, Alex Bauer, John Whitworth, Michael Armstrong, Brock Peters and Cody Connor. Finishing second were Tristan Sigfusson and Jonathan Tidd and placing third were Bryce Misenhelter, who was in the same bracket as Whitworth, Roger Maynard and Wyatt Hines.
Schomaker said he appreciated the fact the Iola wrestlers went hard the whole night and didn’t quit, whether they won all their matches or none of their matches.
“There’s a good group of wrestlers this year at IMS. They can really make an impact for the wrestling program within the next few years,” said Schomaker, who is also the Iola High wrestling coach.
The Pony wrestlers go to a Coffeyville tournament Saturday.
Here are the Iola results from Independence:
Trey Colborn: won by three pins of Stephan Baker of Caney Valley, Preston Baughn of Chanute and Ben Brewer of Parsons.
Alex Bauer: won by pins over Iola teammate Colton Heffern and James Reese, Fredonia.
John Whitworth: decisioned Nick Wintjen, Coffeyville, 7-1; pinned Misenhelter, won by injury default over Ty Schakel, Independence.
Bryce Misenhelter: lost by pins to Wintjen and Whitworth; pinned Schakel.
Roger Maynard: won by injury default over Alex Son, Chanute; lost 12-4 to Cody Hockett, Cherryvale; and was pinned by Jackson Fuhrman, Parsons.
Wyatt Hines: lost 6-4 to Dillon Hamilton, Chanute; beat Bryson Frazier, Independence 10-2; was pinned by Cooper Mastropasqua, Fredonia.
Michael Armstrong: pinned Kareem Ahdulkareem, Independence; defeated JD Gastineau, Cherryvale, 4-1; beat Curtland Edwards, Parsons, 13-0.
Brock Peters: pinned Lance Chesner, Independence, and Drew Newton, Parsons.
Cody Conner: pinned Matt Thande, Parsons; beat Mike Colvard, Cherryvale 11-4.
Tristan Sigfusson: pinned Jared Smith, Independence; was pinned by Angel Eutchason, Cherryvale.
Jonathan Tidd: was pinned by Justin Roberts, Fredonia; beat Brenden Follett of Coffeyville, 10-6.
Jordan Long: lost by pins to Gage Kingery, Chanute, Dominique Thorton, Independence, Joe Armitage, Caney Valley.
Josh Elder: was pinned by Steven King, Caney Valley, and Nick Nolen, Cherryvale.
Kaleb Mock: lost 7-0 to Ethan Van Anne, Chanute, was pinned by Zach McDaniel, Independence, and Andrew Fix, Parsons.
Derrick Weir: lost 11-5 to Tommy Finley, Fredonia; was pinned by Nicky Vore, Caney Valley and Collin Cushing, Independence.
Travis Rieske: lost 9-0 to Brady Hawkins, Caney Valley; lost 4-0 to Josh Stowe, Parsons.
Colton Heffern: was pinned by Bauer, Iola, and James Reese, Fredonia.