Naughty, nice or just payback

Has Gene Roush been naughty, nice or was it just payback?
A morning visitor Wednesday to his home at 503 E. Lincoln made the longtime Iola resident wonder?
“I was sitting in my chair drinking coffee. My wife, Laura, was in the kitchen making some breakfast.”
Roush’s story started out with a typical morning, just before 8 o’clock, at the home, then arose such a clatter.
Actually it was window glass shatter near the Roush’s front door. And a deer appeared in the living room.
“It just jumped through the glass window, which is about two-feet wide. Don’t know what spooked it to come up to the house and jump through the window.
“Dear, we have a deer in the house call the police,” he said he shouted to his wife. “It was just a yearling deer with little buds (antlers) on his head.”
Roush would know. He’s hunted “lots of deer and have eaten a lot of deer.”
The Roush’s living room and kitchen are an open area. The young deer ran into the kitchen and did some damage to a window trying to get out.
“Then it was a couple feet away from my wife. While he was in the kitchen I ran through and opened the back door in the utility room, the garage and the outside door.”
Roush came back in the house to find the deer near the fireplace. Seeing Roush, made the deer bolt over a chair and finally out the doors.
“Once he found the door, he was gone. He went south to the alley and west. He came from across the street. We found out that a school bus driver reported seeing a deer in the neighbor just before this.”
Roush said the deer went into his computer room and knocked off his printer, broke the window it came through, did damage to a kitchen window and knocked over the one chair.
The deer had flown like the down of a thistle before the police arrived.
“I guess it was payback for all the deer I’ve hunted over the years. I didn’t go hunting this year.
“Or maybe it was a young reindeer sent by Santa to see if I had ben naughty or nice.”