Mustangs, Fillies falter in own JV tournament

Register Sports Editor

Register/Jocelyn Sheets
Iola High’s Lisa McFadden gets an offensive rebound during a game of the IHS Junior Varsity Invitational tournament. The Fillies were 0-3 in the tournament.
Register/Jocelyn Sheets
Iola High’s Mustangs battle for a defensive rebound during last week’s IHS JV Invitational. In on the play for the Mustangs are (left to right) Braden Larson (35), Ralph Shafer (50), Dylan Lower (11) and Devon Conner (21). The Mustangs were 0-3 in the tournament.

Fort Scott High’s boys and the Chanute High girls went 3-0 in their respective divisions to win the Iola High Junior Varsity Invitational.
The junior varsity basketball tournament was Thursday and Saturday with games at IHS and at Iola Middle School.
Iola High’s Mustangs and Fillies were 0-3 in competition. Both lost to Fort Scott in Thursday’s games.
On Saturday, the Fillies’ junior varsity dropped a 42-26 decision to Parsons and lost 38-20 to Chanute. Chanute defeated Fort Scott 34-20 and Parsons beat Fort Scott 25-14.
In the Parsons game, Iola was led by Lisa McFadden with nine points and Kelsey Adams with eight points. Parsons got 12 points from Bianca Do.
Iola trailed 23-16 at halftime and down 33-24 heading into the fourth quarter. Parsons outscored Iola 9-2 in the final eight minutes.
The Fillies were down 24-10 to Chanute by intermission in the final game of the day. They weren’t able to make up any ground in the second half.
McFadden paced the Fillies with six points and Alexa Fawson had five points. Chanute was led by Ashli Miner and Darian Rubow with eight points each.
The Mustang junior varsity fell lost 55-36 to Anderson County and dropped a 32-26 decision to Chanute Saturday.
In the Anderson County game, Iola was down 28-15 at halftime. Jerrik Sigg fired in 15 points to lead the Mustangs. Anderson County got 12 points apiece from Clay Yoder and R. Wintry.
Against Chanute, the Mustangs trailed by eight at halftime, 20-12. Chanute hit 7 of 16 free throws in the second half to seal the deal. Braden Larson tossed in eight points to lead Iola. Chanute got 13 from Brandon Taylor and 10 from Adam Schultz.
Iola girls (5-11-8-2—26): Fawson 1-1-2-3, Callaway 0-0-2-0, Toney 1-1-2-3, McFadden 3-3-3-9, Adams 4-0-3-8, Shay 0-0-2-0, Ware 0-0-1-0, Ford 0-3-0-3. TOTALS: 9-7-15-26.
Parsons girls (10-13-10-9—42): Woods 1-1-3-3, Warner 4-0-0-8, Harris 2-1-4-5, Do 5-2-2-12, Chaves-Martinez 2-5-1-9, Webber 2-1-2-5. TOTALS: 16-10-13-42.
Iola girls (4-6-6-4—20): Fawson 2-1-0-5, Callaway 1-0-2-2, Toney 0-1-2-1, McFadden 2-2-2-6, Adams 1-0-1-2, Mulsow 2-0-2-4. TOTALS: 8-4-9-20.
Chanute girls (13-11-8-6—38) (FG/3-pt): B. Olson /1-0-1-7, M. Olson 1-0-3-2, McDonald 2-0-0-4, Dani Rubow 3-1-2-7, Miner 4-0-2-8, Thuston 0-0-3-0, Trout 1-0-3-2, Dar. Rubow 4-0-0-8. TOTALS: 17/1-14-38.
Iola boys (7-8-7-14—36) (Fg/3-pt): Lower 0-0-4-0, Sigg 3/2-3-3-15, Conner 0-0-2-0, Bossell 1-1-2-3, Mosbrucker 0-0-2-0, Larson 2-3-2-7, Reno 0-0-1-0, Latta 2-1-2-5, Shafer 2-2-5-6. TOTALS: 10/2-10-25-36.
Anderson County boys (18-10-12-15—55) (FG/3-pt): Rockers 0-0-5-0, White 0-3-0-3, Woosley 1-1-2-3, Pretzer 0-2-0-2, Gibson 4-0-1-8, C. Yoder 4/1-1-2-12, A. Yoder 1-0-2-2, Wintry 4-4-1-12, Simpson 3-1-2-7, Tucker 0-0-2-0, Sinclair 1-0-1-2, Hermreck 0-1-3-1, Huettenmuelle 1-1-0-3. TOTALS: 19/1-14-21-55.
Iola boys (6-6-6-8—26): Lower 1-0-4-2, Sigg 2-2-2-6, Latta 3-0-3-6, Conner 1-0-1-2, Bossell 1-0-2-2, Mosbrucker 0-0-2-0, Reno 0-0-1-0, Larson 4-0-3-8, Shafer 0-0-5-0. TOTALS: 12-2-23-26.
Chanute boys (9-11-7-5—32) (FG/3-pt): Fox 0-0-4-0, Schultz 1/1-5-1-10, Holmes 0-0-1-0, Haynes 3-1-3-7, Keenan 1-0-1-2, Taylor 4/3-2-1-13. TOTALS: 9/4-8-12-32.