Local athletes compete in
Special Olympics Summer Games

WICHITA — Thirteen area athletes participated in the 2009 Kansas Special Olympics Summer Games last weekend at Wichita State University’s Cessna Stadium.
From Allen County Special Olympics: Steven Riebel, 4th in softball throw, 4th in 25-meter race walk; Nekotu Gregory, 1st in running long jump, 1st in 200-m dash.
From the ANW Co-op Special Olympics: Amber Gray, 2nd in running long jump, 1st in 100-m dash; Aaron Kessler, 2nd in tennis ball throw, 5th in 50-m dash; Kimberly Kessler, 3rd in tennis ball throw, 3rd in 25-m run; Ryan Kessler, 5th in 200-m dash, 2nd in standing long jump.
Casey Riebel, 5th in softball throw, 8th in 100-m dash; Page Riley, 2nd in tennis ball throw, 1st in 25-m run; Nathaniel Streeter, 2nd in softball throw, 2nd in 100-m dash; Tyler Streeter, 2nd in standing long jump, 5th in 50-m dash; Joseph Towne, 1st in running long jump, 4th in 200-m dash; Abby Westgate, 3rd in softball throw, 3rd in 100-m dash; Hana Westgate, 4th in softball throw 5th in 50-m dash.
Relays: 2nd place-Gray, Towne, N. Streeter, T. Streeter; 4th place-R. Kessler, C. Riebel, A. Westgate, H. Westgate.