IMS volleyball teams play in home jamboree

Iola Middle School held a volleyball jamboree Thursday.
Nine 12-minute matches were played by four seventh-grade teams and two eighth-grade teams.
Teams No. 4 and No. 5 each won their three matches. Members of Team No. 4 were Selene McHaley, Lauren Hunt, Hannah Stout, Kim Kaufman, Jo Lohman, Katie Shields and Emma Piazza. Members of Team No. 5 were Allison Cleaver, Darci Collins, Mickey Ingle, Sabrina Graham, Alanna Knavel and Patricia Haner.
Team No. 3 had one win, one loss and one tie. Members of the team were Destiny Howard, Khrystal Smith, Torrie Maley, Chelsea Lea, Shelby Reno, Trilby Bannister and Kyra Moore.
Team No. 6 went 1-2. Members of that team were Courtney Smith, Megan Smith, Katie Lieurance, Sydni Haen, Danielle Ware and Mickey Ingle.
Team No. 2 had one tie and two losses. Members of the team were Ashley Campbell, Elissa Murrow, Bailey Seeber, Addie Haar, Emery Driskel, Briane Jett, Torrie Lewis and Haley Salter.
Team No. 1 took three losses. Team members were Whitney Ulrich, Ashley Cary, Shelby Smith, Kathy Tush, Ca-ressa Lowell and Emma-lee Seabolt.