IHS junior varsity wrestlers compete

Register Sports Editor

COFFEYVILLE — Eight Iola High wrestlers competed in the Coffeyville-Field Kindley High Junior Varsity Tournament Saturday.
Zack Vaughn and Joe Myrick each went 3-2 in their weight brackets. Chase Roettgen was 2-2.
“For some of the guys, it was their first match,” said Ron Schomaker, IHS head coach. “For the most part, they wrestled pretty deep inot their matches.
“We hope to see major improvement between their first and second week of competition.”
Assistant coach Rick Horton took the Mustangs to the competition in Coffeyville. The junior varsity wrestlers will compete at Cherryvale Saturday.
Also the junior varsity is wrestling at home Thursday with the varsity.
Here are the Iola High junior varsity results:
Zeph Larney: was pinned by Zwahlen, Columbus, and Sherman, Fredonia.
Jason Tidd: was pinned by Seck, Arkansas City; lost 2-0 to Schlatter, Labette County; was pinned by Zillifro, Cherryvale; was pinned by Swartz, Arkansas City.
Joe Myrick: was pinned by Hillyard, Coffeyville; pinned Escalante, Arkansas City; pinned Hillyard, Coffeyville; was pinned by Navarro, Webb City, Mo., beat Coatney, Cherryvale, 7-3.
Kody Mulluns: was pinned by Cox, Arkansas City, and Flynn, Webb City.
Zack Vaughn: beat Anderson, Joplin, Mo., 4-1; was pinned by Kidwell, Chanute; beat Anderson, Joplin, 8-6; was pinned by Cox, Arkansas City; beat Flynn, Webb City, 3-2.
Justin Baker: lost 16-2 to Hodges, Cherryvalle; was pinned by Taylor, Webb City.
Zach Crawford: lost 8-6 to Clark, Fredonia; lost 11-9 to Feaman, Joplin.
Chase Roettgen: pinned Thorenson, Coffeyville; was pinned by Lopardo, Joplin; lost 16-0 to Taylor, Webb City; pinned Thorenson, Cherryvale.