Discipline helps to achieve

Iola High’s Mustangs go up against an opponent tonight with three league wins under its belt. Labette County High’s Grizzlies have shown they have what it takes to stand up and defeat two of the toughest teams in the Southeast Kansas League.
Labette County plays well at home. Just ask Chanute and Coffeyville, both losers at Altamont this season. Chanute’s only loss of the season was to the Grizzlies.
With that said, any team can beat another on any given night. That’s why games are played.
The Mustangs have to come together as a team and work through adverse situations. IHS head coach Rick Horton has pointed it out after each of the three straight losses suffered by Iola.
“We don’t respond well to adversity,” he said. “We struggle to respond to adversity. One bad thing happens and our heads go down.”
Iola goes into tonight’s SEK game under adverse conditions — starters have been hampered with illness and injuries this week. But wait, last year Iola lost its top receiver on the third play of the game with Labette County, then a starting defensive and offensive lineman went out with another injury. The Mustangs still won.
The Mustangs need to find a little toughness and celebrate it. Toughness does not mean to be undisciplined on the field. Iola showed signs of undisciplined play last week with several unsportsmanlike behavior or personal foul penalties.
Go make the play with a clean tackle — a sure tackle — on defense get up and walk away. Football is a violent sport by its nature but when played under control, it’s a great game to play and watch.
Two wrongs don’t make a right. We’ve all heard this saying. It’s true in sports as it is in life. Just because the other guy is hitting late, holding, etc., doesn’t mean it’s all right for you to do the same. Most flagrant fouls are caught by the officials whether fans, players and coaches think so or not.
Play hard, clean football and good things happen. Worry more about what your responsibility is for your team and what your team wants to accomplish on the field than what the other guy is doing.
“Assignment sound.” That’s what Coach Horton says his team needs to be to be successful. Do the assignment — offensively or defensively — you are given and it benefits the team as a whole. That’s discipline.
Discipline is the hallmark of successful football teams. It starts in practice and extends through the game.