Cub powerlifters win titles

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Humboldt High/Middle School weightlifters claimed team and individual awards at last weekend’s West Franklin Powerlifting Invitational in Pomona. The Humboldt boys won the men’s and junior men’s championships and the Humboldt girls took second place.

POMONA — Humboldt High’s Nick Miller captured the overall title for the lightweight men’s division of the 2009 West Franklin High Powerlifiting Invitational.
That was not all the awards coming Humboldt High powerlifters’ way last weekend. The Cubs won the men’s division, which includes sophomores, juniors and seniors, championship.
And the Cubs won the junior men’s divison, which is for seventh, eighth and ninth grade boys, championship.
The Lady Cub lifters — Shelly Herder, Megan Dillow and Callie Umholtz — finished second in the women’s division. Umholtz took first overall in the 156-pound weight division, winning the hang clean with a lift of 155 points.
Dillow, who is the defending Class 2A state women’s high school champion, was second in the 140-pound divisiion. She was first in the hang clean with a lift of 170 pounds. Herder took second in the 123-pound weight class.
Miller, a junior, won the 140-pound men’s division weight class. He set a meet record with a squat lift of 365 pounds. He also lifted 225 in the hang clean for second and bench lifted 235 pounds for second.
“To determine the overall champion at a meet, they take the contestant’s total lifted weight and their body weight and determine a percentage. I’ve never had a kid win the overall award before here at Humboldt,” said Travis Burk, Humboldt powerlifting coach.
Elijah Friedrich won the men’s 132-pound weight class with a squat lift of 315 pounds, a hang clean of 210 and a bench lift of 180 pounds. He was first in all three lifts.
Troy Davis won the squat lift with 405 pounds in the 178-pound weight class. Cody Crammer and Garron Gean each had a hang clean of 300 pounds for first in that lift in their respective weight classes. Andrew Whitaker had a hang clean lift of 290 pounds for first in that lift in the 205-pound division.
In the junior men’s division, Tanner Porter won the 105-pound weight class. He was first in the hang clean, 105 pounds, and the bench lift, 100 pounds, and second in the squat, 160 pounds. Teammate Hunter Murrow was first in the squat, 160 pounds.
Jayce Schomaker, who was second in the 114-pound weight class, took first in the squat with a 185-pound lift. Michael Zimmerman, who was second in the 148-pound class, won the bench lift at 185. Noah Thornbrugh was first in the hang clean, 200 pounds, of the 178-pound weight class.
Humboldt High’s weightlifters now prepare for the 2009 state powerlifting meet, March 28, at Wakeeney. The Cubs are two-time defending men’s division champions.
Here is a complete rundown of HHS results from the West Franklin Invitational:

West Franklin Invitational
Men’s Division — First Place

114-pound class: Keifer Rutledge, 6th-overall
132-pound class: Elijah Friedrich, 1st-overall, 1st-squat (315 pounds), 1st-hang clean (210), 1st-bench (180); Chris Headly, 3rd-Overall, 2nd-hang clean (185)
140-pound class: Nick Miller, 1st-overall, 1st-squad (365), 2nd-hang clean (225), 2nd-bench (235); Jackson Smith, 4th-overall, 2nd-squat (325); Nate Bartlet, 6th-overall
148-pound class: Eric Maxson, 3rd-overall, 3rd-squat (285), 2nd-bench (235); Christian Hicks, 6th-overall, 2nd-squat (295)
156-pound class: Billy Schomaker, 6th-overall, 2nd-squat (335)
178-pound class: Kyle Warren, 3rd-overall, 2nd-squat (375), 3rd-bench (275); Troy Davis, 4th-overall, 1st-squat (405)
190-pound class: Gavin Betzen, 8th-overall
205-pound class: Andrew Whitaker, 4th-overall, 4th-squat (425), 1st-hang clean (290)
220-pound class: Cody Crammer, 4th-overall, 1st-hang clean (300)
Heightweight class: Jacob Manbeck, 2nd-overall, 2nd-squat (500), 2nd-bench (315); Garron Gean, 4th-overall, 1st-hang clean (300)

Junior Men’s Division
First Place

105-pound class: Tannor Porter, 1st-overall, 2nd-squat (160), 1st-hang clean (105), 1st-bench (100); Hunter Murrow, 2nd-overall, 1st-squat (160), 2nd-hang clean (100), 3rd-bench (85); Cole Morrison, 3rd-overall, 3rd-squat, 3rd-hang clean (100), 2nd-bench (95); Trezz Rogers, 4th-overall; Peden Griffiths-5th-overall
114-pound class: Jayce Schomaker, 2nd-overall, 1st-squat (185)
123-pound class: Ryan Huse, 2nd-overall
132-pound class: Logan Yochum, 4th-overall, Zach Osborn, 5th-overall
140-pound class: Hayden Boring, 5th-overall
148-pound class: Michael Zimmerman, 2nd-overall, 2nd-squat (255), 1st-bench (185); Dustin Prock, 4th-overall
156-pound class: Trey Johnson, 3rd-overall, 2nd-squat (225), 2nd-hang clean (190)
165-pound class: Forrest Jordan, 5th-overall
178-pound class: Noah Thornbrugh, 2nd-overall, 2nd-squat (300), 1st-hang clean (200), 2nd-bench (155)
190-pound class: G. Pearish, 6th-overall
Heavyweight class: Ryan Gean, 5th-overall

Women’s Division — 2nd Place

123-pound class: Shelly Herder, 2nd-overall, 3rd-squat (155), 2nd-bench (100), 3rd-hang clean (115)
140-pound class: Megan Dillow, 2nd-overall, 2nd-squat (235), 1st-hang clean (170), 2nd-bench (125)
156-pound class: Callie Umholtz, 1st-overall, 3rd-squat (215), 1st-hang clean (155), 3rd-bench (125)