ACCC athletic training program is hands on

Register Sports Editor

ACCC Photo
Allen County Community College has three student athletic trainers helping head athletic trainer Andrea Holly, front right, during 2008-2009. They are Kimberly Darbro, front left, and back row, from left, Emma Gilmore and Tiffany Bowser.

Andrea Holly came to Allen County Community College a year ago for two purposes — to be the college’s athletic trainer and to train students interested in athletic training professions.
“We want to create awareness that Allen County has the athletic training program and we’re here to help all student/athletes at the college,” Holly said.
“We also want potential students who are leaning toward professions in athletic training to know we offer the program to give them hands-on opportunities to learn as they begin their major studies.”
March is National Athletic Training Month and Holly wanted to spotlight the ACCC athletic training program.
“We have the typical college athletic training room with ultra-sound and E-Stem (electrical stimulation therapy),” she said.
Holly is one of two certified and licensed athletic trainers on staff at Allen County. The other is Ed Wilkerson, also ACCC’s head softball coach. Both have master’s degrees in athletic training.
Holly, as head athletic trainer, supervises student athletic trainers and the athletic training program. “Ed helps with the paperwork and fills in when I’m not here,” she said.
Holly said for the spring semester, Allen County has three student athletic trainers. They are freshmen Emma Gilmore of Iola, Tiffany Bowser of Netawaka and Kimberly Darbro of Emporia.
Holly said students are assigned specific sports to help with throughout the year. They are trained to use first-aid for athletes and how to help prevent in-juries.
On a game day, they are responsible for making sure there are water coolers for both the home and visiting teams. Holly said for the outdoor sports the school provides Gatorade. The student trainers help with tapping of athletes and help with any type of therapy needed by athletes before and after games.
Gilmore is majoring in athletic training and is interested in becoming a sports medic or a chiropractor. Bowser is interested in becoming a personal fitness trainer and Darbro is leaning toward the physical therapy/sports medicine field.
“We have scholarships for student athletic trainers. We’ve signed two freshman already and have four returning,” Holly said. “We’re a growing program at Allen County.”
Holly said in the program students are helped to find four-year schools accredited for athletic training so they may continue to pursue their degrees.