Surprise! Surprise!

Another anti-abortion bill appears certain of passage by the Kansas Legislature just in time to hand to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as she awaits confirmation by the U.S. Senate as secretary of Health and Human Services.
The bill would require a physician to require a woman to see an ultrasound image or hear the heartbeat of the fetus before an abortion is performed. The law would also require the physician to post a notice saying that the woman had the right to change her mind at “any time prior to the actual abortion.”
Senators passed this intrusive requirement by a veto-proof 32-6 vote. The House had passed it two weeks ago by more than a two-thirds majority. Some senators who had previously opposed additional restrictions on abortions supported the bill because, as one said, it was “not particularly onerous.”
Well, perhaps it would not be particularly onerous to some to require a man to watch “The Sound of Music” and coo over its darling little children and read stories about Pooh and Christopher Robin before undergoing a vasectomy, all the while telling him he didn’t have to go ahead if he didn’t want to. Not particularly onerous, but most certainly invasive and contemptuous.
This bill approved by overwhelming majorities of the House and Senate treats women like stupid children who don’t know their own minds and are completely ignorant of the procreative process. It also turns physicians into preachers. Otherwise, it is not particularly onerous.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.