Reason to double Saturday’s count

Saturday’s Memorial Day parade was just the right length: 20 minutes, perhaps 25, which was plenty on that almost-summer day. No count was made, but guessing from my comfortable chair on the Register float, I estimated there were as many in the parade as there were watchers.
That’s OK. It was such a beautiful day the competition for attention was fierce. Lawns screamed to be mowed; gardens yearned to be planted. The first dry weekend since the weather turned warm invited picnics, softball, soccer, boating — name your own favorite way to get a sunburn.
Parades are always enjoyed the most by those who put them on and those who have a personal involvement and come to wave and let a friend or relative know their labor was not in vain.
Strike up the parade band(s) again on Farm-City Days and still again when Veterans Day rolls around in November. It’s a grand way to celebrate community.

— Emerson Lynn jr.