Pro Life(!) hate drove a killer

Dr. Warren Hern of Boulder, Colo., said it best: Dr. George Tiller’s assassination on Sunday was the “inevitable and predictable consequence of decades of anti-abortion” rhetoric and violence.
“Dr. Tiller’s assassination is not the lone and inexplicable action of one deranged killer,” Hern said Sunday. “This was a political assassination in a historic pattern of anti-abortion political violence. It was terrorism.”
It was a political assassination; it was terrorism; it was the direct outgrowth of decades of street violence by anti-abortion radicals such as those recruited by Operation Rescue and ceaseless fulminations by fanatics such as Phill Kline, the former attorney general of Kansas, who harrassed Tiller with baseless lawsuits for years on end.
A man called Scott Roeder has been charged with the killing. His response to his arrest had not been made public this morning. But, as Dr. Hern said so clearly, the real dealers of death were all of those who, like Operation Rescue’s founder, Randall Terry, called Tiller “a mass murderer,” adding: “He was an evil man — his hands were covered with blood.”
Why can anyone claim to be shocked that such a deep, churning river of hatred and venom sent a killer into Wichita’s Reformation Lutheran Church Sunday to kill Dr. Tiller as he served as an usher there?
And they call themselves pro-life!
DR. TILLER, like Dr. Hern in Boulder, operated one of three late-term abortion clinics in the nation. Late term is defined as a pregnancy of longer than 21 weeks, when a fetus is deemed viable.
Why would a woman or her physician decide to abort a fetus so late in a pregnancy?
In almost every case, it is because the fetus is so malformed that a normal birth is impossible and that continuing the pregnancy threatens the life of both mother and child.
Late-term abortions are not chosen because a woman suddenly decides she doesn’t want to become a mother, after all.
The overwhelming majority of Dr. Tiller’s patients were referred to him by physicians who don’t have the expertise to deal with such abnormalities. Incidentally, it was only with the development of ultrasound and other technologies, that it became possible for physicians to accurately monitor the development of a fetus in the womb and discover gross abnormalities before birth.
Without late-term abortionists, women would die who would otherwise live, and their hopelessly malformed fetuses would die as well. It is ironic in the extreme, but the fact is that Dr. Tiller, like almost all physicians who practice in the field of obstetrics, was far more deserving of the pro-life tag than were those who drove a terrorist to shoot him dead Sunday morning.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.