Panel could help commission move forward

In April, Iola voters weighed in favor of expanding the size of the city commission. To date, no action has been taken by commissioners to make it happen.
On Thursday, a legal counsel for the League of Kansas Municipalities encouraged commissioners to appoint a “blue ribbon panel” to devise the best way for commissioners to proceed.
The idea has merit.
The measure passed provides for an eight-member council, plus a mayor. Council members are to be elected from four wards; the mayor at-large.
This is not set in stone.
The measure allows current commissioners to write and adopt a home-rule charter that would determine the size of the commission, whether council members are elected at-large or by wards, the length of their terms and how frequently elections will be held.
That’s a lot to decide.
A panel could help the commission be proactive in interpreting the public’s will. It would be a good next step in what has been an arduous journey.

— Susan Lynn