More than just a green thumb

According to an Associated Press story, the first plot has been sold in a city-owned cemetery in Lawrence that offers dearly departed a chance to be buried without being embalmed, in a biodegradable casket and with no concrete grave liner or traditional cut or polished headstone.
Lawrence, a city with an environmentally friendly reputation, has joined a growing national trend of “green” funerals. Advantage is that the process is 25 to 75 percent less expensive than traditional interment.
Some graves in Iola Cemetery, which date to the early days of Iola, very likely were just as eco-friendly as those in Lawrence.
The same likely is true of some burials in the dozens of small country cemeteries that dot Allen County.
If Iola were so inclined to join — there’s no movement afoot here yet — ordinances would have to be changed before green burials could occur in Iola or Highland cemeteries. As it stands, a body must be encased in a vault or two-piece concrete box before being lowered for the last time.
If there were a change, it would give new meaning to the term “pushing up daisies.”

— Bob Johnson