LaHarpe decision a winner for all

Harry Lee said it perfectly: Unifed School District 257 had far more to gain in good will and better friendships by giving the LaHarpe Elementary School building to the people of LaHarpe than it could from selling it to the highest bidder.
The school board responded to LaHarpe’s request by voting unanimously to sell it to the city for a ceremonial dollar bill.
Well done.
LaHarpe Mayor Lloyd Turner said the city council there would meet soon to talk about ways to use the building. The gift has already had a powerful, positive effect: The people of LaHarpe are thinking together of ways to make their community stronger and a more attractive place to live.
Credit for that outcome belongs to Harry Lee, Turner, the rest of the LaHarpe City Council and all of the citizens who banded together to ask the school board for the building and have been imagining how it could be used to lift up and strengthen their community.
Those sparks will start a fire.
Plaudits also are due to the USD 257 board for recognizing that the few thousand dollars they might gain from sale of the building for a warehouse or some other commercial or private purpose were insignificant in comparison to the possibility of strengthening a part of the district and enhancing the possibility of growth there.
A more attractive La-Harpe could hold the families there who send their children to USD 257 schools and attract more families to live there. Each additional student brings in thousands in state aid. A very high return to the district on a very low investment.
Monday night’s decision was a winner all around.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.