Kansas gets an ‘A’ for housing prices

Kansas has the most affordable houses in the nation, according to a study made by the Center for Enterprise Development, a Washington-based think tank.
The Kansas Department of Commerce — and every other economic development agency in the state — should make a big deal of this fact.
The CED found that the median price of a house in Kansas was 2.1 times median family income. That compares to a whopping 3.5 times income nationwide.
Say it loud and often. A family can buy a house in Kansas 40 percent cheaper than the national median price. That’s a very good reason for an industry to locate in our state and for existing businesses to expand.
Employees who can make ends meet are happy employees. Housing is the largest single ex-pense most families face. Modestly priced housing means a higher standard of living for working families.
A marketing expert once said, “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” In Kansas, the sizzle — and the steak — is the American dream made real. Tomorrow, the people in Topeka charged with selling Kansas should be working hard on their ad campaign.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.