Crooks selling phony stimulus grant access

Want a bucketfull of federal money? There ought to be plenty for the taking, what with all that stimulus cash floating around.
A new crop of con men thought you would think so and dreamed up a way to cash in on your greed and eagerness to believe.
Kansas Attorney General Steve Six, working with AGs from two other states and federal officials, is after a group of companies selling a grant guide book for $59, plus $10 for shipping and handling, which will tell buyers how to get a “guaranteed grant.”
According to Six’s office, the telemarketing pitch goes like this:
“Three hundred billion dollars of free government grant money is available right now to anyone who applies for it” so buy our book and get your share.
Those who fall for it, get follow up calls offering to sell grant-writing services for about $265 a page, which adds up to about $1,000 for a typical phony grant. The pitchmen explain that not all grant applications are successful so it would be a good idea to apply for multiple grants — meaning multiple payments to the scammers.
In announcing his suits against the crooks, AG Six commented on the obvious: There is no such thing as a guaranteed grant. Federal grants aren’t made to people out after free money to pay the rent and vacation in Switzerland. The grant guides being peddled are as worthless as the grants the scammers write.
His final advice to the public: “Scammers like these are using the bad economy to try to get rich at your expense. Beware of anyone who promises to help you win a grant if you pay them first.”

— Emerson Lynn, jr.