County short on leadership

Not to beat a dead horse … but it’s still a kickin’.
In a letter to Allen County commissioners, three local judges have asked for clarification on the Commission’s decision to remove concealed carry signs around the courthouse.
It was bound to happen that the judges, such sticklers for intent, would ask.
Removing the signs, the judges said, contradicts the commission’s July 7 motion not to allow concealed weapons on courthouse premises.
So, which is it?
Despite overwhelming opposition to the removal of the signs, commissioners ruled in a two-to-one vote to do it anyway. Law enforcement officers, those who work in the courthouse and average citizens spoke out in favor of the signs.
Commissioner Dick Works stood alone in their support. Commissioner Robert Francis was the swing vote to Gary McIntosh’s firm pro-gun stance. Francis had said public opinion would sway his vote. But in the end, he tried to appease both sides by emasculating the measure.
Which is where the judges of the 31st Judicial District came forth. Chief Judge Timothy Brazil, District Judge Daniel Creitz and Magistrate Judge Thomas Saxton put their signatures to a July 14 letter telling commissioners that their decision on the issue was clear as mud.
If weapons are not allowed in the courthouse, then signage needs to say so.
If no signage is put up, then it is to be assumed that weapons are allowed.
If that is the case, then good grief.
Additional, and costly, measures then will be necessary to make the courthouse, including its courtrooms, offices and hallways, more secure.
Already, this has gone too far.
Put the signs back up so we can get down to (real) business.

— Susan Lynn