About taxation

To appeal to the self-centered wealthy and their wannabees, the controlling faction of the Republican Party in Kansas and the nation put tax reductions or outright elimination at the top of its priority list.
This approach to taxation leads straight to defeat and decay.
Taxes are not an end, but a means to an end. Their increase or reduction should never be a political goal. The level of taxes should be determined by the cost of achieving agreed-upon goals.
The most important service Kansas provides its citizens is education from kindergarten through the university level. It should spend what it takes to provide a superior education for its citizens, for in this knowledge age only a superior education will do. The tax level should be set by that cost. It would be ruinous to first decide what taxes should be and then work backward from that available money to determine how good a Kansas education will be. Using that pattern, financing should be generated to build highways, enforce the law, provide parks and lakes, protect the environment and do whatever else the Legislature de-cides should be done to make Kansas as good as it can be.
This is a general philosophy of government that should be shared by all, Republicans, Democrats and independents alike.
Republicans used to think that way. But that was in the halcyon days when Kansas was a national leader on so many fronts. We shoud look back and learn.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.