Street markings renewed

Dennis Walden uses a mobile paint spray machine to renew traffic markings on Lincoln.

City workers continued today repainting street markings.
Kenny Sampson, one of two involved in the process this morning, said it took about a month for the annual task, done this time of year for several reasons.
“We like to get it done before school starts and in August we usually don’t have to worry about wind and rain,” Sampson said.
Heat also is a feature of August, which prompts city workers to begin painting as early as 4 a.m. “That also lets us get a lot of it done before there’s much traffic,” Sampson said.
The durable paint — white and yellow — is a fast-drying variety. Motorists may drive on it without problems about 15 minutes after application, Sampson said. The paint also brightens after being cleansed by rainwater.
The street markings are in place to direct traffic, particularly at intersections. Yellow paint indicates caution and also is a legal barrier to traffic. Police officers warn that a citation may be given motorists who drive over yellow lines on a roadway.