Sports programs to be tweaked

HUMBOLDT — Expensive changes may be in store for the USD 258 football program said Superintendent Bob Heigele at Monday night’s USD 258 board meeting.
Students have suffered four concussions this season, Heigele said.
Helmet technology is progressing to protect against such head injuries, but such helmets run $300 each, he noted.
Heigele said, “$300 used to buy a full set of equipment for a kid. It’s going to be a pretty good tab if you have to buy 40 helmets at $300 apiece.”
Still, parents have inquired after the new helmets, he said.
Heigele is inquiring of the Humboldt Parks and Recreation department about playing school softball and baseball games at Sweatt Manion Fields. The fields have been measured and fit regulation play, he said.
Students took home the trophy at the Burlington High School Scholars Bowl Monday. Coach Ruby Crawford said team captain Bret Hauser and members Mary Hauser, Valerie Weilert, Callum Taylor, Jeremy Setter, Matt Green and Sherry Scoville bested other schools at the invitational meet.