Smith: Some lessons aren’t necessary

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Iola High’s list of best and brightest grows
Iola High School inducted 22 new members Wednesday evening into the National Honor Society. The inductees are, front from left, Drew Wille, Janie Spears, Amber Snesrud, Autumn Snesrud, Eileen Chase and Emily Clark; second row from left, McKinley Ford, Michelle Clark, Amanda Carr, Megan Cook, Abby Works, Michelle Britt, Dannette Newland, Brittney Jacobs and Jordanna Ensminger; and third row from left, Connor Frazell, Charles Apt, Kyle Heffern, Alex Piazza and Brett Zornes. Not pictured are Jazmyne Honeycutt and Seth Walden.

High School science teacher Marvin Smith doesn’t remember things all that well anymore. But that allows him to be diplomatic, a skill whose import he hoped to pass on to the new Iola High School inductees of the National Honor Society in a ceremony Wednesday evening.
Smith told the honorees that when parents of former students gush to him about how he influenced their children’s lives, he tells them he always knew the kids would do well, and that he’s proud of them. “Then they go get their groceries and I get mine thinking ... who was that?”
It was one of a number of anecdotes Smith used to explain tact to the youth.
He told the 22 new inductees they shouldn’t need such basic advice.
“There are some things in life you don’t need explained to you,” he said. Like sliding down a wooden banister that could give you unpleasant — and unpleasantly placed — splinters. Smith said “There are some things that are so obviously not smart, you don’t do them.”
And then he sent them on their way, laughing.