Sci-Fi for Iola Reads

Iola Reads placed boxes with its fall young adult selection, “House of Power,” at myriad locations when it kicked off Tuesday. By Wednesday afternoon, some boxes already were empty.
“House of Power,” by Patrick Carman, has won numerous book awards, and has a unique Web site that offers downloadable post-ers, videos and games related to the book.
The book, a sci-fi fantasy, tells the story of Edgar, a young boy curious about his three-tiered planet. “No one from Tabletop, where Edgar lived, had ever visited the Highlands,” says one video on the Web site, “because they had never been invited.” Edgar climbs the great cliffs to the Highlands to learn the terrible secrets his planet hides.
Iola Public Library’s Roger Carswell said there is a twist to this year’s selection. “It is the first book in a trilogy,” he said.
Carswell informed local librarians they may wish to ascertain they have numerous copies of the book’s sequels on hand, if it proves as popular as expected.
The books are available at 12 locations in Iola, plus every school and public library here.
Carswell said 500 copies of the book were purchased. Funds for the program come from the Helen Gates Whitehead Trust and local civic groups, including Kiwanis and Friends of the Library, he said.
In addition, those who keep copies of the book are asked to donate $2 each to help the library defray purchase costs.
“Funds we collect help us determine how many books we can get the next time,” Carswell said.
Donations brought in $578.83 in 2008, Carswell said. “House of Power” has a cover price of $5.99 each.
Readers, once done with their copy of the book, are asked to return them to the boxes so others can enjoy them, as well.
The author will visit Iola for three days in October. Soon after spending a week at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C., Carman will visit Iola’s middle and elementary students, plus speak at a public event at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center on Oct. 15.