Productive day at the pond


Register/Richard Luken
Among the participants in the annual Hooked on Fishing, Not On Drugs fishing derby in Iola Saturday were T.J. Taylor, top, and Cami Peck, above left. Above right, among the unwanted guests at the fishing derby was this large snapping turtle.

Picture-perfect weather meant a busy morning for 116 youngsters participating in the annual Hooked On Fishing, Not On Drugs (HOFNOD) fishing derby in Iola Saturday. The young sportsmen pulled 263 fish from Craig Abbott’s pond in north Iola.
Some were busier than others. Ethan Coleman landed 19 fish in the two-hour derby. Most were on the lighter side — his entire haul totaled 2.47 pounds.
Meanwhile, Kyle Cuppy landed the largest fish, a 7.43-pound catfish.
The event was open to children from 2 to 17, with a total of 12 prizes given away.
Dalton Kerr took home first in the 2-8 year-old division with four fish totaling 8.14 pounds, followed by Trever Tatman, three fish at 6.93 pounds and Gary Lower, three fish at 5.83 pounds.
In the 9-12 division, Dalton Skaggs hooked three fish weighing 13.88 pounds. David Petty was next with six fish at 6.74 pounds and Shaun Fry, one fish at 4.75 pounds.
Garrett Booth topped the 13-17 year-old group with two fish totaling 7.68 pounds. Paul Douglas landed nine fish totalling 2.54 pounds and Adam Schubert’s only fish of the day weighed 2.18 pounds.
Robert Moore Jr. received a special trophy for his .05-pound fish, the smallest of the day.
The 263 fish pulled from the pond weighed a combined 135.85 pounds. All but the most seriously injured were released after weighing.
The event was sponsored by the Iola Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. Youth were treated to lunch at the conclusion of the derby.