Postal rates up

Register/Anne Kazmierczak
The best thing about the rate increase? Simpsons stamps. Postal clerk Tammy Heiman shows off the new 44-cent stamps, which went on sale Wednesday to accommodate an increase in standard first class postage from 42 to 44 cents. “The Simpsons” is being honored as the longest running comedy series in televison history at 20 years. The rate increase takes effect Monday.

They say in life nothing is constant.
Postal rates have a way of proving that.
As of Monday, rates to mail a 1 ounce first class letter will rise from 42 to 44 cents. Express mail and Priority rates were adjusted in January and will not change. L
Large (manilla) envelope and parcel post rates also increase, to 88 cents and $1.22, respectively, for the first ounce, with each additional ounce costing 17 cents.
Forever stamps and breast cancer stamps, purchased at any price, may still be used without additional postage.
For those who mail postcards, the rate bumps to 28 cents Monday.
Foreign mail rates and other postal services will change. Money order rates increase to $1.10 for amounts up to $500.
Subsequent rate increases will occur every May, according to the Postal Service.
A list of the adjustments is available at the USPS Web site, www.USPS.COM/prices, or at the post office.