Possum at home

Register City Editor

Possums apparently aren’t as dim-witted as they look, H.H. Perry learned this week.
Perry has a shop at 203 South St. Being a cat fancier he cut a “cat door” at the rear so some of his feline friends could come to dine on food he leaves indoors. He also has a water bowl, but the cats prefer water in the toilet bowl.
Lately Perry has noticed water gone from the bowl and figured the cats had made a social upgrade.
Then one day while fetching a putty knife from a cupboard with an open back, Perry was greeted by a possum, suddenly awakened and with a toothy grin.
Knowing the lethargic nature of the beasts, Perry carried the possum outdoors and figured he was done with it.
A day later the possum was back. This time he tossed the marsupial in his truck and released it at the south end of Washington Avenue, near Elm Creek.
A day later, the possum — he knew it was the same one because he had marked its scaly tail — was back in the shop, taking advantage of food, water and sleeping quarters.
“I don’t know what I’ll do with it this time,” Perry said. “I guess I’ll have to take it quite a ways out and turn it loose.”