Poor Farm crosses will be reinstalled

Crosses marking graves along old U.S. 169 about five miles north of Iola will be replaced, Allen County Commissioner Gary McIntosh said Tuesday.
For years seven crosses had been on what was once part of Allen County Farm, a place where indigents were housed years before more public attention was given their plight. When in operation, it often was referred to as the Poor Farm.
Allen County Community College bought the farm in the 1970s, and it is now an integral part of the college’s agricultural program.
ACCC maintenance workers removed the crosses thinking they weren’t atop graves and that their presence was symbolic, Commissioner Gary McIntosh told the Register Tuesday afternoon. ACCC President John Masterson told the Register he is looking into the matter.
Either way, McIntosh assured the crosses would be back in place soon.
Through the years the county, with help at times from Boy Scouts, maintained the small cemetery before it became ACCC’s responsibility.