Pool brings opening day rescue

Register Reporter

Morgan Buchholz’s quick action averted a potential tragedy and ensured Monday’s grand reopening of the Iola Municipal Pool remained a festive occasion.
Buchholz, a pool lifeguard, pulled a girl from the water after the youngster began experiencing distress after jumping from a diving board.
Buchholz, daughter of Iolans Glenn and Lori Buchholz, watched the girl shortly after she jumped into the water.
“Her arms and legs were moving and she was treading water, but it looked like she was having trouble,” Buchholz told the Register.
The girl yelled for help, at which point Buchholz sprang to action, diving into the water and pulling the girl to the edge of the the pool.
Several coworkers met the duo and helped pull the girl from the water.
“It went really easy,” Buchholz said. “I think she just needed somebody to hold onto. She didn’t struggle.”
Buchholz, a member of last week’s Iola High School graduating senior class, has helped at the pool since she was a middle-schooler. This is her fourth year as a lifeguard.
She worked at the Humboldt Municipal Pool last summer as a lifeguard while the Iola pool was being rebuilt.
This was her first water rescue.