Music aids stories

Family Living Editor

LE ROY — Cory Hills used cow bells, blocks of wood and metal bowls as percussion instruments during his telling of the story “The Turnip,” a Russian folk tale, at Le Roy Branch Library.
Anything that makes a noise may be used as a percussion instrument, Hills told children attending Friday’s story hour. Hills used each sound of the different objects to represent characters in the story, which the youngsters found intriguing.
In the book an old man planted a turnip which grew to be enormous. As hard as he tried he couldn’t pull it from the ground. Throughout the story he asked for help from an old woman, his granddaughter, a dog, cat and mouse. When they all worked together they were able to pull the turnip from the ground.
When he finished the story, the children remembered the characters and learned the moral of the story which was even the strongest need help from the smallest.
Hills launched The Percussive Art of Storytelling Outreach Program in May with the support of the Zakoura Family Foundation. He is a percussionist, composer and educator who said he thrives on breaking down musical barriers in innovative and creative ways.