Medallion Quest begins today

The medallion is hidden on public owned land and is accessible to anyone. It is hidden in plain sight so no tools are needed, and anyone is eligible to search for and find the medallion.
To claim the prize, which is an Iola gift basket, the person finding the medallion must to turn it into the city administration office.
Weekly clues will be given each Monday in The Iola Register, on Monday and Tuesday afternoons on KIKS/KIOL radio and posted at Community National Bank, the Quest sponsor, until the medallion is found.

The Sesquicentennial Medallion Quest begins today with the following clue.

A simple trail led them here.
We are grateful for our pioneer.
Now we celebrate this special year.
With a Medallion Quest that begins right here.
The Quest you seek is hidden well.
No one knows and I won’t tell.
No need to dig, it’s off the ground.
Anyone can find it, it is metal and round.
The place it lies all can seek.
Now reread this clue, we’ll see you next week.