Math night adds up to success

Register/Richard Luken
Above from left, Sarah Bannister works alongside her daughter, Trilby, while Chelsea Lea and her mother, Anne, work on an impromptu math quiz as part of a family math night session at Iola Middle School. The session was the brainchild of seventh-grade math instructor Regina Young, shown at left, who explained such concepts as order of operations before assigning the quiz. Students who scored higher than their parents were given extra credit. A crowd of about 40 also feasted on fruit and pizza provided by SAFE BASE.

After a quick refresher course on basic math concepts, a group of parents found themselves back in the classroom Wednesday evening.
They had, for assistance, their children to remind them the difference between quotients and products, equations and expressions.
The get-together was the first of SAFE BASE and Regina Young’s every-other-week family math night sessions.
The impetus behind the sessions was to involve parents, who in turn will be better able to help their children with math homework.
If Wednesday’s session was any indication, the evening was a raucous success.
Young broke down a number of basic algebraic concepts such as order of operations, where problems within parenthesis are solved before multiplication, division, and so forth. For example, a student faced with the question 4x2+3 could come up with two answers — 11 or 20 — if they didn’t know the proper solving sequence, Young explained. (The correct answer, by the way, is 11.)
Her audience of 40 or so students and parents followed along.
The briefing was followed by a quiz that tested everyone.
Parents and students also feasted on fresh fruit and pizza provided by SAFE BASE, the event’s sponsor.
The math night sessions run again Sept. 16 and 30, and Oct. 7 and 21.