Lightning strikes cut power

Lightning accompanying thunderstorms last night was spectacular, and also a nuisance for many Iolans.
Lightning struck two substations, cutting power to homes in south Iola for about four hours and darkening industrial plants and Wal-Mart in the northwest part of town for nearly three hours.
Kent Tomson, electric distribution supervisor, said lightning struck an arrestor in the substation near the power plant, which cut power to south Iola, the strike occurred about 1 a.m. About the same time lightning struck the new substation in the northwest Iola industrial area.
“We had to transfer the feed to the industrial area to the Oak Street substation until we could repair damage to the substation there,” he said. Meanwhile, electricians also were busy repairing the arrestor.
“Now,” Tomson said at 11 a.m., “we have everything back the way it’s supposed to be,” and power restored throughout town.