Leaves will be used for garden compost

Leaves city crews will pick up the weeks of Nov. 16 and Dec. 7 will be recycled.
City Administrator Judy Brigham said Caroline and Val McLean asked that the leaves be carried to the Elm Creek Community Garden, where they will be composted and used to enhance vegetable gardens next year.
Brigham said the city was pleased to honor the proposal.
“It will keep the leaves out of the landfill and let them go to a good use,” Brigham said.
Leaves must be bagged and put at curbside for the two pick-up weeks. Residents have been cautioned to have bags out at the start of each week. Crews will make one pass through town each week and not return to retrieve leaves left out later.
For years Iola maintained a compost site at the closed city landfill at the northwest corner of town. It was closed after a fire sent heavy smoke over the Russell Stover Candies plant. That led to concerns that smoke, from that fire and others, might affect the taste of candy.
City commissioners considered opening another compost site west of the old Lehigh Cement Co. quarry, southeast of town. The proposal was abandoned after nearby residents protested.