Juggling, mime and magic skills shared

Register/Bob Johnson and Anne Kazmierczak
At left, Isaiah Wicoff tries to juggle a plate on a stick, while above Leslie Cady helps Madi Carlin become an elephant using juggling rings, a pool noodle and her imagination at a “School’s Out” afternoon workshop held at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center Thursday. The workshop, sponsored by the Sleeper Family Trust, featured Leslie and Jay Cady teaching children how to juggle, mime and use their minds to create fun times.

“Laughing Matters,” reads the card of Jay and Leslie Cady, mimes, jugglers and all-around entertainers who shared their skills with a dozen area youth Thursday at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center’s “School’s Out Program.”
The half-day workshop reprised a popular full-day affair from spring.
The couple taught students how to mimic walking along a wall with their palms flat, as if pressing against a resisting surface.
They made faces as if they were eating puckery lemons and tossed imaginary balls back and forth to each other, but the most mystifying aspect was when the invisible orb suddenly landed with an audible “pop” in a paper sack held out by Jay. He had each child throw the “ball” in turn. Each time, the bag jerked back with a visible imprint and crashing paper sound. Each time, the bag remained empty.
The couple didn’t share how to accomplish that bit of magic and mime, however, saving it for their shows.
In another lesson, the children stretched their imaginations when a segment of swimming pool noodle became a cast, a smile and an old man’s cane in their hands. Juggling rings became mouse ears, a bowling ball and a pony-tail holder.
Gossamer films of color floated down around their faces as the kids all chanted “toss toss, catch catch” while learning to juggle scarves.
The kids went on to learn how to juggle balls and spin plates upon sticks: All staples of the world of stage magic.
The afternoon of fun was provided through the Sleeper Family Trust.