Joyride ends in a jail cell

Register City Editor

An investigation that began Thursday morning after a mailbox was struck by a vehicle on Prairie Lane in the Burris Addition led to the arrest of Jase Fewins, 18, Moran.
A second suspect, described by Fewins as “a girl named Michelle,” is being sought.
“He said he didn’t know her last name or where she lived, only that she was about 5-foot-5, thin and had brown hair,” Sheriff Tom Williams said. “We know there was another person involved from witness reports, but we aren’t sure it was a girl.”
When officers went to investigate the mailbox incident, they found a car nearby that seemed out of place. A record check revealed it belonged to Fewins.
A series of property damage reports came in later that morning.
Master Deputies Bryan Murphy and Roy Smith started putting them together, and returned to investigate the initial incident.
Fewins’ car was gone. Nearby, they found Richard Burris’ truck with considerable damage to it. It had been reported stolen that morning.
In the truck were bulk boxes of candy. Some of the damage indicated the truck had hit a pink-painted wooden structure, leading officers to the 54 Drive-In Theater.
There they found a vehicle —Burris’ truck — had struck the cable closing the theater’s entrance with enough force to break it.
“The truck also slammed into the concession stand with such force that the building was knocked off its foundation,” Williams said.
Fewins became a suspect.
Fewins’ car was found in Moran. From it, officers recovered items reported stolen from several properties, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and weapons, Williams said. A search of Fewins’ residence in Moran turned up more stolen property.
Williams said Fewins told officers he initially took Burris’ truck to push his car from the mud when it had gotten stuck.
Fewins is being held in Allen County Jail.