Iolan tied to international lottery scam

Register Reporter

Iolan Darrell L. Kinney, arrested in June for burglarizing an area dog kennel, has been identified by authorities as a key player in what they’re describing as an international lottery scheme.
Police from Arlington, Mass., in a joint investigation involving Iola Police Sgt. Bob Droessler, have accused Kinney of scamming an Arlington woman of $93,000.
Droessler said records indicate the woman shelled out a total of $193,308 in cash to Kinney and other still-unidentified suspects.
The money has still to be located, Droessler said.
Droessler began his investigation into Kinney’s alleged financial dealings after Kinney was arrested by Allen County Sheriff’s deputies last month.
Kinney had shown up at the home of Tom and Jenny Sellman in May to inquire about buying an English bulldog puppy, Jenny Sellman told the Register.
The puppy wasn’t old enough to be adopted yet, Jenny Sellman said, so Kinney promised to pay a deposit and return later when the dog was older to buy the animal.
“He said he’d be back,” she said.
Kinney returned June 20 to the Sellmans’ kennel at 3021 Nebraska Rd. to find that neither Tom nor Jenny were home. He took the puppy and later called the Sellmans with a promise to pay them a check.
“We said, ‘No, you won’t get an animal without paying for it first,’” Jenny Sellman recalled. “And secondly, we wouldn’t take a check.”
The Sellmans notified the Sheriff’s Department shortly before Kinney returned with the animal.
“We told him to wait around so the sheriff could straighten it out,” she said. “He wasn’t interested in doing that and he left.”
Deputies located and arrested Kinney later that day.
Subsequent to Kinney’s arrest, Droessler was notified by officials at Wal-Mart that Kinney had been involved in what they described as suspicious financial activities through their Money Gram service.
Kinney had apparently wired thousands of dollars to accounts in Jamaica, Droessler said.
“He had done several transfers — up to $63,000,” Droessler said. “We knew something was going on, but we couldn’t identify a victim.”
That changed early this month after Droessler was contacted by investigators in Arlington.
Arlington authorities believe Kinney conned an 83-year-old Massachusetts woman into believing she had won the lottery.
The woman reportedly shelled out $193,308 and paid $264 in shipping fees to lay claim to the phony prize, according to an article from the Arlington Advocate.
“The Arlington police were uncovering much of the same type of information I had found,” Droessler said. “But they had a victim’s name.”
The victim’s name has not been released.
With the new information in hand, Droessler executed a search warrant at Kinney’s home at 716 N. Walnut St. and uncovered documentation related to the money transfers.
Kinney, who turns 53 on Thursday, had been held at the Allen County Jail since his arrest.
He was set to post bail on the dog theft charge Monday when Droessler served him with a Massachusetts arrest warrant for felony larceny by scheme and larceny of more than $250.
He remains in custody.