IMS girls will cover up more next year

Register City Editor

Who wears short shorts?
Apparently not girls at Iola Middle School starting in the fall. Or short skirts either.
Principal Jack Stanley told USD 257 board members Tuesday evening he and others on the IMS administrative team thought shorts and skirts had gotten too short this year, sometimes “just covering what they needed to cover.”
“I’m not about to measure hemlines,” Stanley added. “We’re going to use the index finger rule,” which means when a girl drops her arms to her sides if the hemline is above extended index fingers the garment is too short.
Stanley said skimpy tops are and will continue to be verboten.
Another of Stanley’s concerns is pervasive use of cell phones. He said text-messaging had become an art form for the young and an exercise some pursue during class time.
“That’s a distraction,” he said.
Next year, students with cell phones may be required to leave them in their lockers.