Home address required on ballots

Register Reporter

In the three days since 1,150 ballots were mailed to Humboldt voters, 313 have already been returned, Allen County Clerk Sherrie Riebel reported.
Humboldt voters are deciding, by mail, whether the city should fluoridate its water. The ballots must be returned to Riebel’s office at the courthouse by noon Sept. 22
Riebel pointed to an issue that could potentially invalidate some ballots, all of which were sent with an official envelope in order to be mailed to the clerk’s office.
The sticking point: a few voters have neglected to put their home address on the outside of the envelope, Riebel said.
“And it must be the address of their residence; not a P.O. box,” Riebel said.
Riebel is attempting to contact the voters so they can complete the rest of the envelope in order for the ballot to be counted by the Sept. 22 deadline.
Voters also have the option of bringing the ballots to the clerk’s office in person, Riebel said, but even that has a catch. Each person must bring in their own ballot.
A wife, for example, cannot hand in her husband’s ballot as well.
“The law for mail ballot elections is very clear,” Riebel said. “We can’t allow them.”
Riebel suggested that those submitting their ballots by mail have them to the post office prior to Sept. 17.
Postage already is provided for the ballots, Riebel noted, and the envelopes are marked with a special stamp to alert postal workers to their importance.
“But it’s still a good idea to get them in the mail promptly to ensure nothing crops up so they’re not counted,” Riebel said.