Hold that pose!

Family Living Editor

Register/Jenelle Johnson
Brooklyn Storrer, at right, used a basketball to gain little Rosetta Catterson’s attention during a photo shoot at Thursday’s Mastering Photography class at Allen County Community College. Anna Catterson, class instructor, gave tips on lights and positioning of the baby during the session.

A good photographer should be able to position his client in at least three poses and get 25 shots within five minutes, Anna Catterson told her summer Mastering Photography class.
Youngsters attending the class at Allen County Community College were given the opportunity to test the five-minute theory Thursday morning.
Eight-month-old Rosetta Catterson proved to be a willing — if not challenging — subject for the students.
The young photographers found a basketball and a variety of toys helpful in positioning their even younger subject.
“I was pleased when the kids asked if they could pick Rosetta up and move her. You have to be careful when working with children and ask permission to touch them,” said Catterson, Rosetta’s mother.
On Thursday, the students will show off their newfound knowledge when they take photographs of their family and friends as one of their class projects.

FOR THE PAST five weeks the youths have learned: how to change settings on their cameras, to compose a photo and how to mount a photo for exhibition. They were also introduced to Photoshop on the computer.
“I am so pleased with this year’s turnout of 21 kids who arrive at class eager to learn and excited to compare their photos with their friends,” teacher Anna Catterson said.
The classes are being provided through a partnership with K-State Research and Extension in Allen County and Allen County Community College.