Georgia on their minds

Register City Editor

Speed limits on Georgia Road east of Humboldt Speedway will be clearly defined, Allen County commissioners agreed after the urging of Sheriff Tom Williams.
Williams told commissioners Tuesday a sign just outside Humboldt declares the speed limit at 45 miles an hour, with no more signs on the hard-surfaced road that eventually intersects U.S. 59 west of Elsmore. He encouraged making the limit 55 miles an hour beginning east of the speedway.
“I thought that’s what it was,” Chairman Dick Works said.
Williams agreed that was the general assumption, but it wasn’t so posted, which made it difficult for his officers to enforce speed laws. Also, he said a sign reducing speed to 45 miles an hour should be erected in the westbound lane as the road approaches the speedway from the east.
Commissioners agreed.
Bill King, director of Public Works, proposed that the county begin charging for pipe for new field and residence entrances off county roads. He told commissioners that the county spent $130,000 on pipes in 2008 and “we’ve spent $89,000 already this year.” A 40-foot section of 12-inch diameter pipe costs the county $10.75 a foot, or $430. King said he thought landowners would be more judicious in requests if they had to pay part of the cost for new entrances, noting his crews had installed some that “probably weren’t needed.” He suggested no charge be made to replace a pipe already in place.
Commissioners said they would discuss the proposal next week.
Commissioners accepted a bid from Frank Bills Trucking for 125 tons of salt at $48 a ton to stockpile for use on icy and snow-packed roads come winter. The Bills bid, at $6,000, was the lower of two.
Paul Sorenson and Glenda Creason, representing users of the Iola Senior Center, told commissioners remodeling and upgrade of the center had been completed.
“It’s really nice,” Creason said. “Everyone is pleased.”
Work involved walls, floors, roof, lighting, bathrooms and storage cabinets.
“On a scale of 0-10, I say we went from a three to an eight,” Sorenson said. He said fund-raising efforts by the Community Involvement Task Force were instrumental in getting the work done.