Gas streets get new surface

Register City Editor

Register/Bob Johnson
Improvement of streets throughout Gas is in its final stages this week. All the streets will have a double chip-and-seal treatment.

The final stage of improvements to streets throughout Gas began Monday.
A general obligation bond issue of $350,000 will pay for the work. Gas taxpayers will retire the bonds over five years without any increase in the city’s property tax levy. Mayor Darrel Catron said money within budget reserves would be used to meet annual bond payments.
Work has been progressing since May 20, when Vance Brothers Construction, Kansas City, began grinding away six inches from each hard-surfaced street in town. That accomplished, four inches of road rock, including nearly 2,100 tons crushed by Allen County at its quarry near LaHarpe, was put atop the streets.
“They then were graded and rolled,” said Steve Robb, city superintendent.
“The contractor told us the most recent rain, coming as it did in gentle showers, was perfect for the project,” Catron said. “It let the material that had been put on the roads set up hard as rock.”
The streets were graded again to ensure they were perfectly smooth and Monday they were thinly coated with hot oil in preparation for a double chip seal treatment.
A double dose of chip seal has proven to be an acceptable alternative to more expensive asphalt or concrete for streets and roads that don’t carry heavy traffic loads. Allen County has used double chip seal surfacing for several miles-long roads.
Chip seal involves applying hot oil and small aggregate rock to the street surface, that are then bonded through compression.