Fires probed

Gayle and Bill Campbell got an unexpected and unwanted wake-up notice at 2 a.m. Wednesday.
“‘Your car is on fire, but the fire department is here to put it out,’ the officer said after he woke us up,” Gayle told the Register.
The 1988 Taurus was gutted by the blaze and door handles melted, to the point that “we couldn’t get into it if we wanted to,” Bill Campbell said.
Next to it was a 2002 Dodge van.
“It had some heat damage, mainly to the trim,” Gayle Campbell said
She surmised that the crime was a random act since two others occurred nearby at about the same time and without any relationship to the Campbells’.
A three-stall garage at 719 E. Jackson Ave. sustained fire damage. Victims were listed as Debra Cooper and Alan Stokes.
A 1987 Mazda pickup truck owned by Charolette Hancock, 602 E. Madison Ave., also was set afire. Officers said fire was restricted to the inside of the pickup truck’s cab and that it apparently extinguished itself from lack of oxygen in the enclosed space.