Ex-Iolan gives marriage tips

Del Hayes, born in Iola in 1936, has published his second book, “Happily Ever After: A Tribute to Marriage by a Fifty-Year Veteran.”
The book, his first non-fiction work after a novel, “The Old Man,” is available at the Allen County Historical Society Museum in downtown Iola.
Hayes grew up during the Depression and World War II, first in town then on a farm south of Iola. While attending Iola Junior College he met Colleen Cady from Bronson. They married in 1957.
When he and Colleen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2007, he contrasted his own marriage with what he called negative attitudes assaulting marriage in modern society, prompting him to write the book.
Writing was always a part of Hayes’ life, though mostly technical reports while working for Texas Instruments.
Hayes started his own publishing company, Homestead Press, in 2008.
He is working out of his home near Dallas, Texas, on another non-fiction book, about a Cambodian refugee of the Khmer Rouge who came to America and converted from Buddhism to Christianity. The man now assists his brother, a doctor, in bringing medical treatment and Christianity to Cambodians.
Hayes has a second novel, “Ad Astra,” set to release in 2010.