Drugs found in Y.C.

Register Reporter

YATES CENTER — The Yates Center Police Department and Woodson County Sheriff’s Department are jointly investigating the discovery of a number of small baggies filled with what they’ve determined to be cocaine.
Adding to the mystery — aside from cocaine being found on city streets in Yates Center — is the fact that baggies also have been found in front of several law enforcement officers’ homes, said Yates Center Police Chief Lyle Kee.
The baggies, 11⁄4 inches by 11⁄4 inches, began popping up last week, Kee said.
“And they’re still being found,” he said. “We found some more today.”
Kee declined to say how many baggies have been found.
“Let’s just say there are more than five,” he said.
Kee noted that while the contents have tested positive for cocaine, “we’re not sure what else may be in those baggies. We don’t know if they’ve been tainted with anything else that could turn a drug investigation into a homicide investigation. That’s why it’s so important to call authorities and not touch them.”
The ziplock packets are either green or clear, according to a YCPD press release.
Kee also has been in touch with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
Kee can be reached at (620) 625-2118.