Crossroads offers a second chance

Register Reporter

Kendra Smith

GAS — Kendra Smith’s high school career wasn’t going well.
Her struggles built up to the point that missing graduation became irrelevant.
“College wasn’t even a consderation,” she said.
That changed two years ago when Smith enrolled at Crossroads Learning Center, located in the former Gas Elementary School building.
The second chance has paid off, she said.
Smith spoke at a recognition ceremony at Crossroads Tuesday evening.
“One of the most awesome things about being young is your trial and error period,” said Smith, one of 14 Crossroads students who will earn their high school diplomas this week.
Her experience at Crossroads convinced Smith that “you can’t pick and choose when you feel like putting forth effort. I arrived at Crossroads and said, ‘this is my opportunity to graduate and do something with my life.
“There are people I have met who chose paths I didn’t want to go down,” she continued. “Who wants to travel down dead ends when you could be cruising down life’s interstate?”
Smith is now pursuing a nursing degree. She hopes to eventually enroll at Baker University.
She praised her teachers.
“You guys have given me a gift that will live on as long as I do,” she said.
She also offered a challenge to Crossroads’ younger students.
“Many of who who know me, know that I have my ditzy moments,” she said. “So on that note, if I can do it, you guys will make it. While you have the chance, why not try hard?”